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Schrade Pocket Knives - A History of Quality

George Schrade was a talented machinist and toolmaker employed by the US Patent Office in the late 1800s when he invented the automatic opening, switchblade, knife. He would later, in 1904, form the Schrade Knife Company with his brothers Joe and William in Walden NY. Once his knife business was established, George went on to invent machines that would improve the companies production quality. These included the neck drawing machine, the heating machine, sharpeners, saws on center, bone jigger, bolster and automatic shielding machines. It was George's pursuit of the highest quality and craftsmanship that had his company produce some of the best knives of his time.

It was George Schrade's desire to make the best possible knife that has become the lasting legacy of the company that bears his name. All Schrade knives are made with the best materials using the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Today, Schrade brand knives are manufactured by the Taylor Brands, LLC, following the same standards for quality. Schrade knives are manufactured using the highest quality materials available, including:

Unbreakable sawcut Delrin handles

1095 High Carbon Cutlery steel blades

Solid Nickel Silver bolsters

Solid Brass Liners

Solid Pin construction

Each Schrade Folding Knife is assembled using up to 22 separate parts, requiring up to 120 hand operations, including 100% hand finished edges for all knife blades.

Schrade is so confident in the quality of their knives that each one comes with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Additionally, the Uncle Henry knife is guaranteed for 1 full year against loss since Schrade is so confident you will like it so much you'll be extra careful not to lose it.

Although the name of the company has changed, the Schrade brand of folding knives are manufactured to the same high quality standards that George Schrade insisted upon when he first started manufacturing knives in 1904.

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