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Dance Shoes - Variety Abounds!

Dancing is gaining in popularity these days with the advent of more and more dance shows on popular television. It is a pleasurable hobby as well as a good exercise for the body. To be a successful hobby or career, dance requires certain investments, and clothing is one of these. But which dance shoe is best for your needs? Obviously, the kind of dance lesson that you are taking dictates which type of shoes you will need. Is this ballroom dancing, ballet, jazz, tap, modern dance, hip hop or something else again? There is no almost no limit to the kinds of dances that you can take up.

Most shoes for dancing have low heels, if any at all. Ballroom dancing and tango are two exceptions, however. The heels for women's ballroom dancing and tango shoes are quite high. These look like what some would fondly call, fabulous shoes, and are often sparkly and brightly coloured, not unlike the ballroom costumes.

Ballet dance shoes are very different. These shoes are soft (in order to allow for exceptional flexibility), flat (no heels) and often matte (unless produced in satin). They sometimes even have ribbons or elastic bands that you purchase separately and sew them on yourself. The design of ballet shoes stay consistently similar over time, demonstrating their suitability for the task in hand.

Jazz shoes can sometimes be quite similar to ballet shoes but these come with low heels. The soles are so soft that you can point in them. There are usually thin shoe laces that you can tie, in a colour that matches that of the shoes.

Tap dance shoes are really character shoes with a metal taps. The metal pieces are what make the tapping sound of course. These shoes generally come in black with a buckle on each shoe, though there are some brightly coloured styles available.

Dancing is so fun and some will even go to the extent of saying that it is exercising the mind as well. Why? This is because a dancer is required to remember the steps of a dance, long or short. In fact, the dancer needs to develop an ability to quickly remember the steps. This is tested in a ballet exam for higher grades. This ability is certainly handy when it comes to performing for a concert, whether you are a professional dancer or not. Dancers often work together and it is much easier for everyone else if each dancer can quickly remember his or her steps and dance them right. Once routines are mastered the dancer can concentrate more on perfecting moves and finishing touches.

Please ensure that you choose dance shoes that are the right fit for you. Do not make do with something that is not quite right just so that you need not spend any more time looking for the perfect fit. An improper fit may affect your performance. Should this happen repeatedly it can adversely affect your self esteem with regards to future dances. Get the right dance shoe for your feet size and type of dance. Try them on until you are satisfied and take a little while if you need to. Of course, there may be variations in terms of colors that you can choose from. Be sure to select your favorite one!