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Graduation Regalia Etiquette For Middle School

What you wear on your middle school graduation ceremony can have a very significant impact on your confidence. If you really put on rubbish clothes then your friends will not hesitate to make fun of you. There are certain things without which a graduation is not a graduation. One of those things is the middle school graduation grown and cap. I am yet to see a middle school graduation ceremony where the graduate does not wear some sort of middle school graduation cap and gown to indicate that they have moved from one stage of education to another.

There are various types of middle school graduation gowns and caps that can vary depending on the ceremony that you are attending and the stage of education that the graduation has achieved. The most common is the mortarboard which is used for the higher institutions. However there is no hard and fast rule that prevents you from copying some of these styles for your middle school graduation ceremony. The great thing about youth is that you are guaranteed to look good in almost anything. You have to go out of your way to look unfashionable. That means that your child will have a good choice of outfits for when they graduate.

The colors that you use are not standard and unless the school specifically requires that you wear particular colors, you can choose the ones that fit your tastes. Fashion crimes are acceptable as long as they do not frighten the graduation guests away. You child might want to become so ultra modern that the dress is not suitable for the middle school graduation ceremony. If this is the case then you have to discuss the situation with the child and let them know that you object to some of the choices that they have made. The discussion is not about apportioning blame but telling your child how you feel about the situation. This is the kind of communication that will come in handy when you are helping your child grow into an adult.

There is some debate about extravagance because some parents use the graduation to be an opportunity to show off their affluence. To me this is rather irresponsible because it teaches the child materialistic tendencies that might come back to bit them when they grow up. The child has to be taught to realize that money is not everything and that you do not have to become materialistic in order to be successful. These are the types of things that you can begin to address even as you organize the graduation ceremony.

At the same time you should not be so austere in the dress sense that it becomes fairly obvious that you are trying to save as much money as possible from the middle school graduation ceremony. No child will like to learn that their parent is more interested in making savings that making a good party for them. The party must be acceptable but not too modest that you lose the feeling of a festivity. The challenge is always to have balance in the things that you do for your child.