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Latest Tamil Movie News - Review

The exclusive column for movie review is updated every weekend with critic's analysis of the latest movies that hit the screens. At times, the reviews are done even days ahead that briefly describes the pros and cons in a movie. With professional touch, it is done with an unbiased stand and gives a clear idea of what one could expect when going to watch the film. Added with a special rating star which ranks from one to five, it's a clear cut take that immediately reveals if it's a wholesome entertainer or a miserable dud. Moreover, the verdict given at the end of each review is designed to be crisp and up to the point without elaborating. Simple and neat, verdict gives the final word about the movie.

Reviews cover various aspects of a film including the filmmaking style of the director, performance of cast, technical work and music with utmost importance to the best points. A synopsis of the story is revealed to grab an idea if one might like the genre or not along with suggestions to cater different taste of the viewers.

Movie Review column is dedicated to Tamil movies and are precise to the point which would clear one's doubts whether to spend their hard earned money in the screens. Designed to be easily read and comprehended, the words and syntax used in the review page will treat the profound, knowledgeable as well as laymen to get an idea about the point conveyed. Content clarity is given foremost importance and usage of words is a mixed bag trial to appease all strata of readers. The basic motive of the review is not to bring down the marketing strategy of a movie or their best parts, but to bring the product made in tinsel town to lime light and serve it to the public in a clean way.

Additional feature included in the review page is the area dedicated for the cast, crew and the driving team behind a film. It includes the lead cast, director, music director, cinematographer and the production house. Particular best aspects of film will be covered in the detailed review and due credit to the supporting cast will be given according to their performance. Pleasing ardent movie buffs and new comers alike, movie review is bound to cover the entire contents of all latest releases in a bundled package for best viewing pleasure.

With something like a curse in Tamil cinema called the commercialism, Every time we would walk into the theatre believing it to be a saving grace from the rest but as if destined all ends as cliched as possible in the end. After spending nearly an hour to find a good point about the movie to tell, the end result is so meager.