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Nickelback Is Back 2009 Dates Announced

Nickelback has a fresh new album Dark Horse. They have been promoting Dark Horse on shows such as The Tonight Show. The reveiws are saying this is their BEST album yet. And they just announced thier 2009 concert tour.

Wanna hear some numbers? Who has grossed in excess of $100 million? Who sold more than 30 million albums worldwide? Answer - Nickelback! Now they release Dark Horse, the first release since All The Right Reasons was released in 2005.

Nickelback may seem like an overnight success story in the world of rock, but this Canadian quartet earned their fame through years of hard work. They started to gain more widespread recognition when they released two albums in 1996. Nickelback started touring furiously to promote the albums, doing shows in the US and Canada.

By 2000 they had produced a third record, titled The State, which received significant radio play in their native Canada. The State was soon released on a major label in the United States. The album produced two top 10 singles. Both 'Breathe' and 'Leader of Men' received radio play in the US and Canada and started to get the band noticed by rock fans everywhere.

Nickelback re-launched their official fan club website on November 13th, 08 where members can gain exclusive access to candid photos and, audio and video. The site offers members exclusives, including meet and greets with the band. There's also a new social platform enabling members to network and chat with other members via blogs and many other interactive features.