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What Can You Do With Your Old Clothes?

How big is your wardrobe? If, like most people, you don't have Doctor Who's TARDIS to keep your extensive collection of clothes in, there will inevitably come a time when you just can't keep any more clothes in there. When this sad day arrives you have to decide exactly what you are going to throw away, and for some, this can be quite traumatic.

After you have got over this and you have sorted through what you can bare to part with, you need to choose what you will do with your unwanted garments. Here are some suggestions of what you can do with them:


As long as they aren't full of holes and obscure stains, the noble thing to do would be to give all your unwanted clothes to charity. Charity shops get the vast majority of their donations through selling your unwanted and then pass on the proceeds to those in need. You should always try to consider this when you are leafing through your dozen white t-shirts or 30 pairs of jeans trying to decide what you can part with when for every item you give to charity you may well make a difference to someone's life who is in dire straits.

Art or Drama School

An interesting option for all your old clothes is to give them donate them to an art or drama school in your area. Art schools can use the materials from your garments for creating various different types of art from collages and tapestries or may be used for models to wear. Drama schools always need new pieces of clothing for props. They would find it especially useful if you had any kind of unusual garments as these will be good for making an impact on stage or for comedy improvisation.

Having your cast offs will mean that if they have a nice Barbour quilted jacket or perhaps quality Lyle and Scott jackets, they will for example, not get covered in paint or make up.

Car Boot Sale

If you are short on cash and you don't fancy trying to sell your clothes online, you can always get down to your local car boot sale. In most cities these tend to occur regularly in big car parks or in local parks and are perfect for people looking to sell random stuff for cheap. You may even stumble upon some new bargain clothes of your own.