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When Is Wearing Designer Perfume A Bad Idea?

There is something about designer perfume which really draws in the crowds. Whether it is the fancy bottles, the celebrity endorsements or the actual smell which does it, there is no denying that for most people wearing designer perfume is a desirable thing. But for some people, wearing aftershave or perfume can be a bit awkward or even physically dangerous. Here are some examples of this sort of situation:


For some, an allergy might just mean the occasional sneeze when in the same room as a cat or dog, while for others an allergy can be severe enough that it will have you in fear for your life. The chemicals in some perfumes can be quite strong and cause a rash or maybe a sneezing fit. In extreme circumstances certain chemicals can cause an anaphylactic shock which causes the sufferer to flare up in bright rashes and have difficulty breathing. This is rare but when someone knows they have this allergy, avoiding designer fragrances is rather important.


When celebrities endorse a fragrance or even release their own, they can have a big influence on consumers...especially those with a particular affinity for the celebrity in question. In this situation fans might do whatever they can to grab the product sporting their idol's image. The problem arises when people can't afford to meet the celebrity price tag and are forced to spend money they can't afford to on something which is basically a luxury. For these people, perhaps a cheap aftershave would be a better choice, wearing a designer perfume could be a bad idea.


Without trying to give advice to would be making a bad decision if they attempted a robbery or something wearing a particular designer fragrance. For one, people have a great memory for smells. There is a section of the brain which directly links smells with memory which allows you to conjure up memories which you would never even think of without catching a whiff of a certain scent. Anyone catching hint of a house breakers scent could well recognise the smell and use it to identify them. Also, imagine you were a criminal and you're running from the police, you have found a great hiding place and you think that you have gotten away with it. Until they get the police dog out the van and he catches your Calvin Klein perfume on the wind and within seconds he has his mouth round your neck. Designer perfumes are probably a bad choice for criminals.